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NILO has a new home! The web site and CVS repository for NILO is now hosted at Sourceforge, a service of VA Linux. The new link for NILO is here.

NILO is the Network Interface Loader. NILO will boot Linux, FreeBSD, Windows 95/98/NT4 and support the Intel PXE standard, and is suitable for burning into ROM. It is an evolution of the previous Etherboot and Netboot projects, and was authored by Ken Yap, until Rob Savoye took over active development..

There is a browsable CVS source tree available. There is also read-only anonymous access to the CVS repository, and write permission can be gotten by contacting the nilo maintainer. Directions for using remote CVS are here. You can download a snapshot. There is also a mailing list for developers. Info on that is available here.

I've recently started writing a detailed new architecture document for Nilo. That doc (very much a daily work in progress) is at this location The original (now slightly out of date) documentation is currently part of the new doc, but starts here I've also collected all the relevant RFCs.

Several other documents have shaped the design of NILO. The largest one is the Intel PXE specification, available from Intel at their developers site. I also have local copies of the Etherboot specification, the Netboot specification, and the Multiboot specification.

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